Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More pics

You've all been bothering me for more pictures of Jessi. She has a lot of fun around here. Here are some fun tidbits about Jessi -
~She loves listening to kids play around her.
~She's constantly smiling when there are kids running around.
~She falls asleep easier when my kids are jamming out to songs on i-tunes than she does when it's dead quiet.
~She likes to be held sitting up so she can see everything around her.
~She will not take a pacifier unless she's extremely upset.
~If she's unconsolable holding her under her armpits out in front of you with her legs dangling will stop her from crying.
~She loves the sound of running water and will lay for hours on the floor if someone were to be in the shower that long.
~She has a big space between her first and second toe on her left foot. In the womb she would rest her right foot on the left one. You guessed it right between her toes. That's how she held it in place. You can see it in her foot stamps from the hospital
~Her nickname is "Squeaks" (she's constantly grunting,squeaking,barking,neighing, growling you name it she does it. A woman in church said she sounded like a baby calf???)
~She has a really big calic on the back of her head.
~She likes to sleep with something pressed up to her face.


I thought this was a very funny picture. I had been working on calling in some prescriptions earlier this day. My kids had fun playing with the empty bottles all evening. Rich had fallen asleep with Jessi and Austin was playing all over the place. I glanced over and saw all these medicine bottles and thought wow that would make a great blog. I'm not sure if he's overdosed on medicine or kids. What do you think?

End of the Season

Okay so it's been a while, I've been preoccupied. We had the year end party for the U4-5 Soccer kids. We got together after the game and Rich handed them out their trophies and pictures and then got their picture taken with "coach". We had lunch, cake and then everyone went home. It was a nice experience for Rich and Austin to always remember. After the party Rich had a parent said that several of the parents had gotten together and discussed asking him to come back and coach the same bunch of kids next year to try to keep them all together. They went their whole season undefeated and are a good bunch of soccer players. If Rich agrees to come back as a coach, they'll move him up each year with the same kids. I think he's going to do it. At first I thought the parents were just trying to be nice, but at the November soccer board meeting, the registrar came up to me and said "I hope you're husbands planning on coming back, we got alot of calls from the parents on his team that loved him as a coach and want him to come back." I paid the compliment to my husband and he just smiled. We were glad to hear that after an incident that he had at practice. It was the practice after Halloween and the kids were all hyped up on sugar. They would not listen to a thing and wouldn't keep their hands to themselves. They were pushing and shoving and basically playing football. Rich had finally reached his limit and said "If you guys can't learn to keep your hands to yourselves, I'm going to tie your sleeves together." Sure enough it could not happen, he ended up tying a little boys sleeves together and the kids burst out in tears and ran to his dad. He didn't play the rest of the practice, didn't come to the next game and then finally showed up at the next practice and aplogized to Rich for misbehaving. We were so relieved!! Anyway here are a few cute pictures from our party. Way to go honey! I'm proud of you for being willing to donate your time to do this and for being so well liked at the same time. :) Austin loved having you as his coach and the kids/parents loved you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who wouldn't want a ride?

This is my kids most recent past time. It's her regular afternoon taxi ride. I'm sure she loves it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


This Halloween I failed a tradition. It was a tradition that I started about 4 years ago and have done it every year since. I'm so sad that I didn't carry it on, but we will definately pick it up again next year. I usually purchase a medium size pumpkin and make "Dinner in a Pumpkin". As pictured below. We got Krispy Kreme's and hot chocolate for after trick or treating though. That's gotta make up for something. This year Redden chose to be a punk skateboarder. We went to party city to give the kids some ideas of things they could be. Redden found the "punk skateboarder" and I told him I could make one cooler and cost less than if we bought it. It came with a mohawk wig and saggy shorts and boxers to hang out the top basically. I told him I would let him have an honest to goodness real mohawk for Halloween if he'd let me cut it off the day after Halloween. (Anyone see my alterior motives here?) After school we shaved Redden's head into a mohawk, sprayed his hair, painted on his owies, dressed him up and off he went. He was definately the coolest around. It was so fun to walk around the neighborhood having adults, high schoolers, and all the kids from school yelling "Awesome hair Redden". Even passer-bys that we didn't know were commenting on his hair. I was very glad that he felt cool. Last year Austin was the one getting all the comments feeling special. This year it was definately Redden's turn. Austin picked out your plain old boring silky jumpsuit of jango fett from star wars. He looked very cute in it and check out his nose pressed up against the plastic. The kids were awesome. We wrapped up Jessi in the jogger stroller and away we went. The boys were troopers we made it all the way to the end of our neighborhood. We ended at my friend Megans house and finished watching the trail blazers win by 1 point. They drove us home and we slept like babies. The weather was enjoyable and amazing that it cleared up just for Halloween.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

Wednesday night was our ward halloween party. We got to go and have a donut eating contest, drink homemade rootbeer, jump in a bounce house, do the cake walk, go through a spook alley, go fishing, do a ring toss etc. etc. The kids got to dress up and we had alot of fun.

and yes I won the donut eating contest! I was up against my friend Megans 2 oldest kids, Kenny & Susie and Redden. I ROCKED at this!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Carving of the Pumpkin

I'm not sure why I continue to purchase pumpkins year after year. For some reason in this house of boys I (the girl) am the only one that will actually gut the pumpkin. I threaten every year that I'm not going to buy pumpkins if they don't gut them but I never follow through. You can't have Halloween without carving pumpkins. Once again, I'm sure for the 8th year in a row gutted both pumpkins for my kids. Austin was better than anyone. I made Rich help me with both of the boys where I'm still trying to get the feeling back into my wrists and hands. As you can see from the pictures we can see where my young boys get it...from their dad. He said to me under his breath, I hate doing this. haha. I'm telling you what I'm not sure where theses boys all came from? Rich even tried to convice Redden that his pumpkin would be scarrier if he left all the stringy stuff hanging down inside the pumpkin. I think that goes to show how much he doesn't like getting out the guts too. He helped but he was not happy about it. At the end of the evening we did end up with 2 carved and gutted pumpkins haleluja! This is him being totally grossed out after pulling out his first handfulLooks so happy doesn't he? Good thing he loves me because I'm pretty sure he was real mad!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

My how this month has flown. It seems like just yesterday that the beginning of October was around the corner. I rushed and rushed through the end of September trying to get things finalized for our Stake Super Saturday. This was my 3rd year of being in charge and things go more smoothly every year. 1 more year to go. I was worried because it was on the 18th and I was due on the 15th. I wasn't sure how I was going to pull that one off. Luckily we had our sweet little "squeaks" (her new nick name) on the 3rd. The next thing I knew, it was the Saturday before Halloween and I realized that I hadn't even purchased pumpkins for the kids yet. Last year we grew them so I guess it didn't dawn on me like it should have this year. Austin keeps telling Rich and I every time we drive through the neighborhood that everyone has cooler decorations than us. I've been a total slacker this year with Halloween and I'm sad because I usually have our front porch all decked out in glow in the dark spider webs and all. Oh well, maybe next year. Anyway, we (and by we, I mean me and Rich agreed to go along :) you know I love you honey!) decided take the kids to the pumpkin patch after the soccer games and lunch. We got to ride a little train out into a field where they had a petting zoo then load up on the train again and ride out into the field through haunted tunnels and out to a hay pyramid with mazes inside. You were able to walk around and pick the pumpkin of your choice and load it up on the train and head back to the station to have it weighed. I left my memory chip in the reader at home and only had my spare in my purse. It saved me but I had to be very selective of the pictures that I took as it only holds like 10 pics but I'm glad I had it because 10 is better than none. We bought some carmel kettle corn and sat in the beautiful sunny weather as a family and enjoyed a huge sleeve of popcorn together. We love our times like this together. And...despite my husbands non excitement about going, he loves it once we're there. Then I make sure that my kids tell Daddy thank you. Why do I do this? I'm not sure. I guess because I love him. We ended up at home with 2 adorable pumpkins and another story to follow.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Seahawks are Playing!!!

This last Sunday I was in the kitchen cleaning up lunch and realized that it had gotten quiet in my little cozy home. I realized I couldn't hear Rich anymore and no noise from my kids usually means trouble. I turned off the water and still couldn't hear anything. I went back to my business deciding that I would finish what I was doing and then go figure out what was going on. I mean, come on, their dad is with them - what's the worst that can happen??? As I was finishing my motherly duties, I heard noises once again coming from the muchkins that live in my home (so I assumed everything was normal). Once finished, I went into the living room and found my husband dressed in a Seahawks shirt, Redden with a Seahawks hat on, Austin with a Seahawks shirt and yes you guessed it...Jessi with a build a bear Seahawks football jersey and football pants on. It was absolutely hilarious.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You asked for more pics!

So here they are. Random pics of Jessi in her 1 1/2 weeks of life so far. By looking at these pictures, one would probably think that there is no way she's being fed because there's no way that her mother ever gets a chance to hold her! Don't worry I get my turn too!

Gma Chris loving on Jessi

A shot of her full head of golden brown hair!
Isn't that sooooo cute?

Ahhh...how precious...how do I get one of those?

Jessi loving on "Aunt" Megan
Daddy and Jessi veggin in the bedroom watching tv.

Austin loves his little sister