Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jessi at 6 mo.

This is a picture of Jessi and her pediatrician Dr. Farley at her 6 month well child check. I absolutely love this picture of both of them actually. She had recently started sitting at about 5 months and didn't actually roll over very well for a while. She still did not have any teeth. She loved to eat anything that we were eating (which wasn't always possible~ more pics to prove this later) She started giggling and laughing histerically at her brothers. She loved ice cream cones ( I know once again I'm proving that my OCD is going away~ never in a million years would I have been caught dead giving my other 2 ice cream cones...way too messy :0) She was a fun little baby at this age but still didn't feel too different for me as a mom. Still a baby that required the same attention- Boy or Girl. She loved to be packed around by her brothers, pulled on a blanket, pushed in laundry basket etc. She absolutely loves Redden.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pinewood Derby 2009

This was Reddens 1st pine wood derby event. He looks forward to it and loves to call Grandpa David for advice and tips. We did all the little tricks and stuff that he suggests and he always runs a quick car. I drove him downtown to a little hobby shop and picked up graphite and other materials. The kids and I had an evening out while Rich had a time out at home :) We prepared for a couple of weeks carving, painting, sanding, polishing, weighting etc. etc. Here is the 2009 Turner Pinewood Derby car. It was pretty goodlooking if I must say so myself. We were all pretty proud. He raced well and always had a good time. I think if they would have given places out all the way down he got 4th or 5th. I'm telling you what. There are some people in our ward who build the weirdest shape cars and can still make them go fast. Oh well, it's the bonding that counts right?
This is Jessi with Zoe from our ward.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Next comes my birthday

wow that's getting to be quite the flame!

This year I turned 30 which felt just like another day. I never feel old because quite frankly my husband is way older than me and like I've said in years past, I've been through it with him 6 years earlier. Rich took the kids and I to a new steak house here in town. It was really yummy! We came home and opened up some presents. I got a jacket from Rich a necklace from Jessi and a key chain that says #1 mom from the boys. It was a good day. Rich even made me my fav...a german chocolate cake. What a good man.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here we go...

This is going to be my attempt at catching up with my life. For some reason once again this blog has gotten way behind and I'm going to do my best at bringing you all up to date with the Turners again. Let's go way back to March when Redden was playing baseball. Redden expressed an interest in wanting to play baseball this year which turned out to be a blast. His coach was the same coach from basketball which was good because he had already developed a repore with the kids. Redden played pitcher at the beginning of the season. It's coach pitch this year but they still have someone play the pitcher position. He also played 1st and 2nd base alot more so towards the end of the season which you'll find out more about later in my update. He was extremely good at baseball and seems to have found his nack with basketball and baseball. Rich was an assistant coach for his team and they asked him to be the pitcher. The coach said he looked for the youngest most athletic looking guy helping and chose him because you have to get up and down a lot and be able to get out of the way quick. (Apparently Rich fit the bill.) Rich didn't know that until Redden started swinging. Every time that kid hit the ball he would hit a line drive straight at Rich (it was very frightening to watch sometimes). They both loved it! Baseball not the line drives of course.

Getting coached my Dad

Yes the is the ball landing in his mit while on 1st.

Running over home plate.