Friday, March 13, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Here are a few pics from our little family super bowl party. Go 3-D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tubes, Tubes and more Tubes

Austin's middle name has become "what" lately so we decided to take care of that. He's been having quite a few ear infections over the last year so the doctor recommended tubes once again. He was nervous and totally acting like my brother Blake if any of you know him. They're nervous so they become quiet and very calm. We had to keep telling him that he had it done once before so he believed us when we told him he would be okay. The doctor also suggested that we have his adnoids removed as they were extremely large. He said tonsilectomies are painful and don't help much with the hearing part of things so he's still got those. The day before the surgery we had to go to the hospital and pre register him so there was no wait time the morning of. The some how misplaced his papers and we never got called back into the office. After realizing that everyone coming in after me was going in before me I finally said something....yes it had been 1 hour before I did. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Austin was completely restless and Jessi had been sitting in a poopy diaper. I didn't take the diaper bag in because the told me it would only take 10 minutes. While sitting in the waiting room Austin wanted a smiley balloon from the gift shop. I kept telling him no...because of course he would get it tomorrow. Let's just say it was a bad trip and leave it at that. So here are a few pictures and videos from February 9th.

This was a thumbs up for Daddy! Gotta show him how tough we are at the hospital :)

This was right before they took him back to the surgery room

After the surgery of course!
Don't worry it's not blood all over his lips, that's gross. It's the fabulous purple popsicle they gave him that so graciously covers my white living room carpet. Yes still to this day but instead of the fowl odor of vomit it actually smells like cleaners and as an added bonus purple dye. Yeah the joys of being a mom. I actually got him to make silly faces with me before we left.
He was very tough and did a good job. His personality has changed hugely since the surgery. He is a completely different kid. I had expressed a worry to Rich this last fall that I thought Austin was suffering from seasonal depression. He didn't want to get dressed, go out, play with kids, every morning would open the blinds and turn on every (and I mean every) light in the house including lamps and closets etc. He wouldn't talk to other people when we were out unless directly spoken to. He is jumping and hopping all over the place and talking to people left and right. He's asking to play with friends again and it's so nice to have our little Austin back. I love doctors even if they do break the bank. :)

Knock on Wood

So I'm knocking on wood today hoping that as I update you that I wont get behind once again. I updated in January and announced that I was caught up and then it happened again (knock knock) Starting in January and working my way to today.

Probably most importantly some updates of my baby for those of you (most of you) that don't get to see her very often. She is so precious and loves more than anything to be in the room where the action is at. In other words, she likes to be with her brothers. I'll try to date them so you can see how she's changed.

These pictures were taken on January 18th. So she was just 3 1/2 mo. old and LOVES her bouncer saucer. I must say...I know I'm her mom and I love her no matter what but I do have to admit that she doesn't take the best pictures. Which is partly to blame for my lack of blogging. I keep waiting to get a good picture of her and it never happens. Redden was the same way. Just couldn't get a nice picture of them. Their heads are shaped exactly the same for some reason that doesn't make for the most photogenic person. Anyway...I think she's adorable but just couldn't capture it on camera. I was so relieved to hear Rich's mom come home from their mission and have her say "she looked cute in pictures, but she's sooo much cuter in person". She makes the cutest faces and has the biggest most gummy smile EVER!!! We love it.

This video is being put in not only to see Jessi but I figured a little side show never hurt anything.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jessi's 5 mo. Pics

Her and her new cousin Landry

She still obviously had clogged tear ducts here, but still so cute.