Friday, February 20, 2009

More pics of Jessi

Here are a few more photo shoots I've had with Jessi trying desperately to capture her cuteness.
Here she is just under 4 mo. old. This was the end of January

These pictures we about 4 mo. old. It's also a picture for Grandma Mary. I believe this dress came from you from along time ago. People kept asking me who made it and I had to say..."I have no idea". I had no great story to go with it so you'll have to tell me one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jessi's first baby food experience

So I had to go back and post this because they were so cute. This is Jessi having her first go at solid foods. food that is, not really that solid. She loved baby food except for green beans. She hated them! She loved squash, carrots, sweet potatoes etc.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Does anyone who reads my blog know of the person who owns this blog address? My sitereader says it's out of the Memphis Tennessee area. As far as I know, I don't know anyone who lives even remotely close to there. I like to be aware of those looking at my blog and have no problem when people want to look, I just like to know who they are. I don't want to have to go private but when you get people looking all the time and you don't know who they are it starts to get a little weird. Anyway, if you know that I know who this person is, send me an email or leave me a message so I don't keep worrying. Thanks.
~The editor

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Date night Ponderables

Wednesday night Rich and I went to a Trailblazer game sitting right behind the team about 6 rows up or so. We love going to the games and have so much fun. The seats we were in were so exciting. The players are sooooo big even the ones that look small on TV are HUGE! It's very fun to watch the players that closely. This night was the first night that I have left Jessi for more than 3 hours. I did fine, but I swear on our drive to the Rose Quarters that I heard her squeak more than a few times. I would catch myself looking back to check on her when I "heard" noises which of course were not her noises. My friend Megan kept the kids and took fabulous care of them while we had our ESPN debut on National Television. I love date nights....there's just something to be said about a peaceful drive in the car, a quiet fast food dinner and the absence of the word mom for more than 3 hours. I love my kids but I love my time too and more than anything...I love my time when it's with my husband. When we got there I dared him to park illegally. What...we weren't in front of a hydrant or anything, there just wasn't white lines on the concrete saying we could park there on that nice little corner. But we did and we didn't get a ticket! I took lots of pictures of things on my cell phone and we'll see if I can figure out how to get them on my computer. Okay now down to business
~ Things I pondered about at the game.~
~ Dancers - Cheerleaders and clothing?
Why is it that Pro dancers and cheerleaders believe that they don't need to wear clothing? Some of their outfits made ME blush and if you know me at all, you know that's hard to do. They had Jr. Blazer dancers that were sweet little innocent girls following these dancers around. Man that's what you want your little girl to grow up to be isn't it??? Don't get me wrong, I love to dance but their outfits and dances are getting pretty dang questionable.

I picked the most modest I could find.

~Players and their manners
So as the game went on I sort of started figuring out that it was really only one who person who made me mad. When the players get called on by the coach to go into the game. They run to center court to check in. Following them are the ball boys. When they run over, they strip off their clothing in a hurry knowing dang well some nice boy is standing behind them waiting to take their clothes as they run into the game. J Bayless actually walked up , took off his clothes and threw them on the floor at the ballboys feet when he could have thrown them right into his hands. Every other player had the common courtesy to do that - just not him. Travis Outlaw and Brandon Roy proved to be the most considerate in my opinion.

~ Are they paying the so-called "coach" that's sitting next to me?
Admit know who they are, they're the ones slopping beer all over your shoes and yelling at the coaches and players for doing the wrong thing. Like they know what's best. I mean come on! You would think that they'd realize their seat said row 6 (which means they don't want your opinion because you're sitting too far back.
~Beer in plastic cups without lids?
Okay so this has to be one of the biggest peeves I have. Beer makes you act stupid once you've had too many and let's get real here, there are a lot of people there having way too many (and some who I'm sure drink sensibly). So let's give all the people who can't walk open cups of beer. That sounds like a good idea.
~Middle Row Tards
There should be a written etiquette about having a seat in the middle of a row and only being able to come in and out once - and if you're late to the game that's your one chance. We had people come in late to the game (stand up once) left at half time for who knows what (stand up twice) come back from snack time (stand up three times) leave for a pee in the 3rd quarter (stand up a fourth time) and come back (stood up for the fifth and final time). I guarantee I wasn't standing up again for those people again. top it off, those stats were just for that one couple. Just imagine.
and last but not least
~ How do all the drunk people drive home?
It's always scary to me when Rich and I go to public events like these. We feel like staying an hour longer and letting them all go first or bee lining in out of there to be ahead of them.

Pictures soon to follow.