Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If I blogged about anything...

it should be this. Jessi slept in this morning so I kept getting my stuff done around the house rather than taking a shower. Which of course left me showering while she was awake. Sorry if this story paints graphic images for you. I was showering and had just jumped in leaving her to play with my jewelery in my bathroom. Jessi bursts into tears. She follows me to the shower waiting very impatiently for the first 30 seconds. Well you see the kindergarten bus is coming to drop Austin back home in 10 minutes so this shower must be quick. First 30 seconds of my shower was me getting wet and Jessi screaming outside the door. The next 30 seconds was the door opening and her sticking her head into the shower while I started to soap myself (sorry TMI I know) next 30 seconds is me pushing her arms out and closing the door with soap dripping all over her. Yes you guessed it, the next 30 seconds is the door opening again and me shampooing my hair and this time I managed to shave my arm pits although I haven't checked to see how good of a job I did. This time a foot enters the shower. Again I spent the next 30 seconds trying to rinse my hands to be able to pick up Jessi and set her outside the shower and close the door. I now have managed to conditioner my hair. Yes but one more time my daughter opens the door and before I can rinse my hands and my hair from conditioner she has entered the shower and yes she is completely dressed. Needless to say I had to hurry even faster now because I had to dry, get dressed and undress, re diaper, and redress my baby in the next 2 minutes to be able to get my Austin off the bus. I love being a mom and thank you to my dear husband who makes it possible. I'm so grateful I was here at home to be able to laugh and enjoy this moment. Wow typing this has made me realize that my OCD has come a long way through these 3 kids.
Just as a side note: Despite what this picture may tell you, she had absolutely no problem with being fully dressed and soaking wet. She didn't cry once. She's crying in the picture because I left her all alone in the shower while I went to fetch my camera------- in my towel! I chee wa wa