Sunday, June 21, 2009

Redden's Winter Basketball Season

Redden (our little #2) started playing basketball in January. This was his 2nd season and he is loving it. He's very aggressive with the ball which was kind of a surprise because he's not so much in soccer. He's always upfield waiting for a pass in soccer but rarely attacking the ball. He's a good rebounder and always thinking ahead of the game and can sink a basket almost every time down the court. His coach this year was a new coach to Redden. He's a high school teacher and he's a great coach and loves Redden. He complimented Redden alot on listening and being very coachable. After the season was over he pulled me aside and told me not to let him quit because he's so good. He said that in his opinion Redden was one of the best in the league! Who gets those compliments? Rich and I were very very proud and of course kept that comment to ourselves...he doesn't need to know that. I just wanted to share with you some of his shining moments. We're proud of him and all of the things he's showing an interest in and succeeding at. He's got great determination and will be good at whatever he wants to be.
This is one of his shot going in.

Getting ready to shoot the ball.

Playing some good offense.
Playing good defense.
Bringing the ball in bounds.