Friday, October 22, 2010

Jessi's 2 year old pics

So today I went to a friends house and had her take Jessi's pics since she just turned 2. I'm totally mad at myself that I haven't had her pictures professionally taken at all since she was born, but I have taken alot myself. Point being that I just don't know how to take a good picture with my camera. Thanks to good friends I've been able to get along just fine with their good photos. I almost cried today as I looked through these pictures and wondered where time has gone. She's such a cute little girl now and has grown up a ton. I love her to pieces! Sometimes I wish she'd just let me hold her for a while. To all grandparents. If you will tell me which photo you want and what size, I'll develop them and send them off to you. Let me know. The boys' photos are coming soon. These were just a few of my faves of Jessi!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Austins Field trip to the Portland Zoo

In April I was able to go with Austin on his kindergarten Zoo field trip. We went along with a few of our friends with kinders too. I don't enjoy all field trips but this is one that I can handle. We had a lot of did Jessi.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pick your self out somethin' real nice

I was looking for our webcam today...

found it.....

You'd think I married CLARK GRISWOLD!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Winner in his Division and you're looking at the kid that received the award for "coolest sleekest car" and the Grand Champion. His car was unbeatable this year. Rich found the design for the fast car and I will admit that I did the wheels with Redden this year. We worked for a few hours before the derby to get them on just the way they're supposed to be. (no secrets disclosed) ;) ;) Dad

Kids Fish-In

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Austins Music Program at school

I didn't get good pics from this but this was what I got. He's fun to watch.

Lazy or Genius

This morning after I got the kids on the bus I returned to our bedroom to find my husband laying in bed with his blue tooth in his ear. I said "oh my gosh, are you really laying in bed with your blue tooth in?" He smirked. I said to him "Have you heard from Dave (his boss)yet?" (Thinking, well if he's talked to his boss then that might be okay). He said "no", he hadn't heard from his boss yet. So I laugh a minute and say "Is that what we'd call pure laziness?" and he smirked again and after a long pause says "Sometimes it can be mistaken for pure genius" Gotta love him~

Monday, April 19, 2010

Older or Wiser?

This post comes with no pictures but stuffed full of brains. Today I was upstairs cleaning the bathrooms going about my motherly duties. I needed to bring something downstairs and was a little startled as I heard something in my office. I came in and much to my surprise found my 9 year old playing games on the computer. I said "I didn't know you were home, why didn't you come upstairs and say something" He said, "I smelled cleaning stuff". I said, "And" and he replied with "I didn't want to clean". Wiser??You decide.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The unveiling of "the office"

Rich and I have been working hard to make our office a little more functional. 3 weeks later and voila!! I absolutely love makes me so happy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The best present ever

Rich will claim still to this day that this is the best present he ever received. I think he's forgotten some things over the years...hehehe. Either way it's been really fun and a good tradition that we've started in our home. We love our firepit and the yummies that go along with it. We try to pull the cover off and do smore's as often as possible. It's so nice on those days that it sprinkled and dried out to go sit outside with a jacket on and be together as a family. One night we played "I'm goin' on a trip and I'm taking a "Apple" "Bucket" "Car" etc. The boys had a lot of fun and we laughed trying to help each other through the alphabet. Jessi wants to roast too but those pointy sticks scare me. So she found her own stick. She picked up the lighter that we used to start the fire and she knows that we wont let her get close so she stood back holding her stick about 1 ft from the edge and pretended to roast her fake marshmallow. She did however realize that she could quietly go missing behind the table and nabbed the chocolate off the graham crackers that I had just set up. The little stinker! Again not the greatest pics but it's documented!

After the viewing of this picture, I immediately marched downstairs and pulled that stupid orange fleece jacket out of the closet and donated it to goodwill! It's terrible...isn't this where friends and family are supposed to come in and tell you the truth? short and fluffy? I should have known, that's never been my type. haha

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cousin Sophie's baptism in January 2010

I decided that if I don't start somewhere I'm never going to be able to go back and catch up because I'll be so far behind. So to make it easy I'm startin in January of this year. This January we had the chance to drive up to Seattle for cousin Sophie's baptism. We didn't want to have to stay in a hotel more than 1 night so we had to get up at 5 Saturday morning and start the drive. We went in our jammies and got ready in the bathroom at the church. We made it and had an enjoyable time spending time with family. While we were there, we took the kids on a tour of the Seattle Seahawks stadium. It was a long tour but the kids had a lot of fun. I think their favorite part was being able to walk on the "real" field. Here's some pictures of trip. Not the greatest pics but hey it's documented right...

Stupid kids' balloon is right in front of the space needle. It's there I promise!

In one of the visiting lockers.

Down on the field

The press conference room

The seahawks cheerleaders room

The early morning ride to Seattle.